University Challenge Tournament 2017 saw 43 team take part this year. Results for University challenge 2017
Beginner 1
1st Warwick A, 2nd Warwick B, 3rd Manchester
Beginner 2
1st Warwick, 2nd Loughborough, 3rd Harper Adams
Beginner 3
1st Harper Adams 1, 2nd Birmingham 3, 3rd Nottingham
Novice 1
1st Nottingham 2, 2nd Notting 1, 3rd Warwick
Novice 2
1st Warwick 1, 2nd Nottingham 2, 3rd Birmingham
Novice 3
1st Nottingham, 2nd Harper Adams, 3rd Birmingham 3
Intermediate Plus
1st Birmingham, 2nd 3 Blind Mice, 3rd Oxford
Thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s tournament. Thank you to Empix for supplying fantastic photos of the weekend, WPPG for sponsorship prizes. Huge thank you to Umpires Huw, Grant, Jeremy & Chris. And also thank you to all the horse hirers & timekeeper/scorers Emily & Nick.

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